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Kate Beckinsale is the Hot Mother of the Day

Kate Beckinsale’s a mom. That always amazes me because the mom’s I know just don’t look like this. She’s got a hot fuckin’ body and her being worth fucking is the one thing I can agree with those virgin comic book losers who buy multiple copies of the movie Underworld, you know one to keep in the package, one to use to watch, one as a back up because virgin comic book losers are good collectors, excpet when it comes to collecting memories of all the pussy they’ve fucked, I mean that and that masturbation rocks.

Pics via Fame

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  • Bob Smith

    My favorite comment Kate has made is when she said something like “The boys all tell me my twat is my best body part”.

    She’s sexy as hell.

  • drunken pig

    I wanna launch a LOAD….on her face!!