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Lindsay Lohan Cry for Attention of the Day

Lohan is really trying to stay relevant in the art and fashion scene since the mainstream celebrity scene turned its back on her when she went dyke, which the art and fashion scene gets boners for faggots, but I think it’s safe to say that if a magazine, like Muse for example, says that they are THE “Fashionart Magazine, they are obviously pretty full of shit, like Lady Gaga calling herself an artistic performer and the followers believing her bullshit, but at least they managed to trick Lohan into getting naked and sexual in this photoshoot, despite how lame of a magazine they obviously are….Lohan just doesn’t know any better…so to her this keeps her credibility and makes sense, to everyone else it’s a few years too late…

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD

    I would like to meet just one person who finds these photo images even the slightest bit compelling, alluring, or sexy in any way. Yeah, good luck, I know…… Goodness, she is disgusting, as if she left her face in the microwave too long. She is truly corpse-like.

  • The Man

    “Lindsay Exposed.” Am I the only person who can’t seem to see the “exposed” part of this trashy attention whore pig?

  • desiboi

    Ugh. Not even the slightest actual nudity. Who cares? Same thing as always…Lindsay looking like a crackhead.

  • Trap Them and Kill Them

    A mag with artistic claims featuring that foul bitch and a guy’s butt: I’m going to the newsstand on Sunset blvd. with a vial of urine,find the row of these mags and douse the vile hag…

  • thatguy

    i think she’s sexy as shit.

  • Fuck a nigga named me for not becoming a successful photographer. XD

  • get

    she’s so fucking gross. just the thought of her firecrotch makes me feel ill

  • fuck! look at those beautiful buttocks.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would love to put my man meat into her as she has a cigarette dangling form her lips. I woudln’t even mind the diseases.

  • luv2lickclit

    Is that AIDS coming out of her ass?

  • desiboi

    I miss the old days when she actually had a body. 🙁

    Too bad being mummified is the trend nowadays, because we all know if you have so much as a pound of meat on you its considered horribly obese.

  • PsyKo

    I think I might sue your ass off for exposing me to such atrocious images… without warning.

  • {Great reading.. Very good information here}{Lady Gaga Is hotter than ever, see for yourself!}{Nipple slip.. and vagina slips all over..}