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Lindsay Lohan and Her Sister in their Bathing Suits of the Day

There was a time Lohan was desperate enough to answer my text messages and emails. Those days are long gone and it hurts my feelings that she didn’t have the decency to break up with my, she just stopped answering me and it makes jerking off to her a very sad experience, but after lookin’ at these pics, it may not be because I’m emotionally shaken by being dropped, but more to do with how she looks. I’d still do her though…just putting that out there in case she’s desperate for a fat old man’s limp pathetic dick, I figure with the whole lesbian shit, a dick that looks like a clit would be a solid transition back to taking cock….here she is with her sister….

Lindsay Lohan is So Fancy Trying on Luis Vuiton Bathing Suits….that I hope the Store Burns before Another Bitch Slides into the shit….

Lindsay Lohan is Still Confindent Enough to Wear a 2 Piece…Kinda Like that Sloppy Ex-Hooker Who Pretty Much Gave Up on Life and No Longer has any Shame….and I Like it….because she’s not fat…and I hate fat chicks…

Pics via Bauer
Pics via INF

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  • Easten

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Lindsay’s sister naked. I think she looks a lot better than her.

  • jeez

    Nasty, flabby ass.

  • Expletive(BMP)

    her sister looks too skinny and lindsey looks ill shaped, and all is well till november 10.

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^is that when you have her in your “deadpool”??…mine’s alot sooner!!
    Also in the first pic…is that a bruise on her ass??…or track mark’s??…gotta stay up on these thing’s!!

  • Perv

    bruises on her ass and legs? I didn’t know lesbian sex was so rough.

    I’d fuck her anyway… bareback… I have a death wish.

  • cowbulls

    I wonder if all that non male time made her get tighter.

  • Bob Smith

    Lohan is like a 2010 Camaro with 200,000 miles on her. Almost brand new by age, but so many miles that it’s time for the junk heap.

  • A flat and saggy ass already? I wonder if her little chocolate starfish is still tight? If so, then nothing else matters.

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    Those lucky guys had enough money to pay the lohan sisters to party and whore it up on their sex boat.
    Remember men lindsay dosent say no to the sex boat like brooke hogan does.
    Those guys must of also paid for a new suit everyday for lindsay since they took the used ones for a souvenir.

  • mike

    Ali looks like Vera Demilo, that character Jim Carrey did on In Living Color…can you hear the horsey naying

  • ralphus

    it was just a matter of time before she prostitutes herself out to russian “businessmen” like victoria s and the other former playmate whores…what’s sad is she brought her sister and what with how much a white underage girl could bring in…