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Alicia Keys’ Ass in a Bikini of the Day

I’d say that I keep on falling in and out of love with Alicia Keys, but that would be a lie. I never loved the bitch, it’s just the only thing I think of when I hear her name because that’s pretty much where her career started and finished for me, since I wrote her the fuck off when I realized she was not hot and that her voice was annoying. Sure, I get that she rode Bill Cosby’s leg when she was a kid , forcing him to pull some strings for her, otherwise she was taking it to the police….So when everyone got excited about this hairy chested thing…I just kinda laughed it off, but today these pictures of her in a bikini are far less offensive than I’d expect. Maybe it’s the angle, maybe I wrote her off too soon, maybe I just have no standards or taste and here are the pics.

Here she is in some bullshit one-piece – lookin like a goddess provided you don’t have any taste.

Pics via Bauer

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  • Expletive:BMP

    Okay, she’s annoying but she has a nice ass, and that’s saying a lot, thick thighs, rumble belly and nice boobs, god man this is a proper yes please. i’d take her bellicose and blatant promiscuity, if she allowed me a poke and sniff.

  • Bob Smith

    I’ll go with the nice ass, but she does have a face made for radio.

  • bob vance

    i want in that mulatto ass,now!


    One of the sexiest little bitches on the planet. I would drink this little slores bath water. She prob suck a mean dick and prob giggles when she does it. I’m telling you this trick gotta be good in bed, she looks like she is.

    Sexy little sista with a great shape and thick ass, I’m loving the curly hair on this little Mami.

    Her and Sanaa Lathan could both get it with the quickness, and I would actually spend my hard earned money on these slores, something I never do. With the exception of my McDonald’s and a happy meal dates with slores around my way.

    Martinez you faggot ass Mexican, keep putting more pics of sexy sistas on here.

  • eldabolo

    Everytime I look at her, I think of this pic of her with hair on her boobs. She never looked cute to me after that particular picture. Disgusting. Thats like seeing Naomi Campbell’s hairy ass or Rihanna’s cheese legs, Gaga’s penis or Madonna’s disgusting arms. My eyes still hurt.

  • Alicia Keys has a crystal clear voice that sounds beautifully.“

  • the voice of alicia keys is simply phenomenal and it is one of a kind:;:

  • i think that Alicia should have joined the miss usa pageant, she is very beautiful ~.;

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