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More Jennifer Aniston 41 Year Old Ass of the Day

Here are the leftovers of John Mayer, Brad Pitt and pretty much half of Hollywood’s ass they used to fuck but left to die. I know shit is called sloppy seconds when you’re talking about a college chick you pass around, but Jennifer Aniston is what you’d probably call the chinese you bought a month ago that got lost in the back of your fridge that you contemplate eating when you are wasted even though you know it will make you sick, but I still think she’s got a hot body and the fact that she’s Greek and has natural self lubricating in her asshole, almost makes her expiry date irrelevant….

Pics via Bauer

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  • Expletive:BMP

    That’s awesome isn’t it; most Greeks probably do have self lubricating assholes, given their history. Which Makes Jennifer Anniston bonafide gold right there. Sure as hell makes her more appealing in my book of babes i’ll never ever get to have sex with. Not that i’m pissy or mad or anything remotely unbecoming of one who has never sampled cunny. I’m simply making an observation Hayzeus, that of all the things one could consider when looking at a rather spurious aft cougar, the thing of consideration is her sniffer. Nothing wrong with that eh, as long as one can get pass the fact that shit comes out of aforementioned poop pot along with other incredulous smells and naught fucks, well, getting all excited and wanting to shove my precious dick in that becomes even the more easier.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    I would make a deposit in that ass bank.

  • zipcity

    I would gladly fuck that 41 year old ass with my 49 year old dick. Besides, if someone as lame as John Mayer has had her, that only means my chances are that much better.

  • Taz

    I’d fuck her!

  • cowbulls

    I hear that she has a major odor problem and not from her Greek loving ass. That explains that everyone wants to hit it, hit it again and then run like hell before they have to take a breath. She is also supposed to not like sex all that much which means she’s a idiot because she has NO other talent.


    I heard that as well. I heard her pussy smells like day old cabbage and her breath smells like shit on a hot day. This is from a credible source; he told me that men run away from Jennifer because she has vaginal odor problems that vagisil just can’t fix. She is Greek so why are we surprised, most Greek women have to shave every other day or else they look like Chewbacca and smell like armpits. Aniston probably doesn’t even suck a good dick, probably thinks it is beneath her. If you’re a woman your job is to suck dick regularly or else god will be mad at you for not servicing his children’s loins.

    What Aniston needs is a good big black dick pounding and humiliation 10 step program. With a money shot and some dick to face slapping and words of wisdom like, “suck my big black meat flute”. Words like that help and improve a woman’s self esteem men and cum is nutritional.

    Ladies, cum opens up the facial pores and allows your skin to rejuvenate and it keeps you looking young so next time you’re on your knees remember that what is coming out is vitamins for your lips. If Aniston did all this, I guarantee you that her lonely old wrinkled ass would have no problem keeping a man.
    But this old wrinkled dry piece of skin with her vaginal odor and horrendous breath is going to be lonely for years because she hasn’t gotten the memo. Sucking dick and taking it up the ass keeps a man at home.


    You are jealous because your girls come to Greece and we fuck them…never mind boyz, we test them first, you take them later… 😉
    See yaaaaa

  • aaaaaa


    the problem is that your boyfriends, boys, they slap you all the time for not having a self-lubricated assholes…

    based on that and your being ill- (if not un-) educated, you believe that all greek people have, and you are jealous…

    why mix it up with all that Jen stuff…just tell the truth…LOSERS!

    I bet that 41 year old chick is hotter that you ever had the chance to imagine :-PPP

  • Cunty Cuntall

    I’d hit that 41 yr old bod. In fact I’ve hit my Mom’s 48 yr old bod, my Gran’s 72 yr old bod, and been ass-fucked by my 74 yr old grampa. I loved every damn minute of it. Does that mean I’m sick ?? If so, then I sure don’t want a cure. Old Bod’s are the best !!

  • I think jennifer Aniston is gorgeous.I would fuck her i’m sure she has a nice pussy?Sure would like to find out.

  • GreekFucker

    You all probably know shit about Greekgirls…!! Why don;t you take a look at your fucking american – fat as hell and ugly as shit wife and you’ ll know what i mean..!! Loosers…!!

  • Sammy g

    I hear she’s looking at a movie script that has full nudity and two very explicit sex scenes with a very well endowed black man.

  • Jon Holden

    He was being complimentary you dumb cunt.