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Pink Drinkin’ Beer in a Pink Dress of the Day

I know Pink wearing a dress is probably nothing exciting to you, but in my quest to find out if Pink’s got a dick or just looks like she does it is a big deal….

See her hair is short, she’s drinking a beer, her legs are thick all signs of being a fucking dude but she’s in a dress and heels and a dress and heels is one step closer to making me think she’s probably a girl who just looks like she has a cock and not a man who pretends to be a girl…but then again I did have this neighbor who died a few years ago and when we snuck into his apartment to steal his shit, he had a closet full of women’s clothes, and dude was never married, but he did have a lot of dainty men walk in and out of his place multiple times a day, every day, not to mention the landlord also found him dead wearing nylons and heels…..making me think that maybe this dress proves nothing….

The real scary thing in all this is that I have met straight men who have told me they find this girl hot…something they may want to take to their therapist to help determine the root of all their problems is the fact they are in the fucking closet….

So this post proves nothing and is just a waste of fucking time, something I like to think I’ve got good at the last 6 years of this shit…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Drunken Pig

    Either peen or post-op…that is NOT a woman!!