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Jersey Shore Trash Get Her Nails Done in an Interesting Outfit of the Day

I have no interest in Jersey Shore. I think the whole concept is a waste of fucking time and I try to pretend people like this don’t actually exist in the world. I already had no hope in society, but when the gutter shit I’ve seen in clubs get their own show, whether they are being laughed at or not, I just can’t accept it or grasp that they get paid decent money to humiliate themselves….and America actually shows and interest and cares about what’s going on in their lives…it’s at the point where it’s no longer a joke, or comedy, or idiots on TV, it’s actually a fucking phenomenon….these people are “The Hills” status celebrity…and I guess this pig is the next Heidi Montag….and here she is getting her stripper looking trash a manicure in some stripper lookin’ outfit….the whole thing is fucking ridiculous and bitch isn’t hot…but she sure as hell thinks she is…

Pics via Fame

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