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Jessica Hart Bikini Pictures of the Day

Here is some gap-toothed Australian model named Jessica Hart who has been in Victoria’s Secret catalogs and SI Swimsuit issue doing what she’s supposed to be doing and that’s running around in a fucking bikini. I guess it’s got to do with her being eager to wear her bikini and ready to take the fuck over while the other washed up models I write about are old and tired and like the ice-cream worker I once knew who couldn’t stomach the thought of ice cream after scooping it for 5 summers, seem to be too scared to wear a fucking bikini when they aren’t getting fucking paid…bitches…while Jessica Hart still knows her place in sociery and is happy about her place in society and not bitter enough to not wear a bikini in her spare time when she’s not getting paid obscene money….even though her work isn’t really something worth getting bitter over….It’s like she won the fucking lottery…and here are her pics…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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