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Nicole Scherzinger Shows Off Her Body of the Day

There is nothing very interesting about Nicole Scherzinger. She’s the tacky lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls who inspires trashy women across the world to wear cheap lingerie and do cheap dances to cheap quality music but I guess in some ways that makes her very fucking interesting and without her, maybe strippers would still be doing stage shows to Poison.

The only reason I am putting this up is because she’s got a great fucking body and sometimes, that’s good enough for me. Haggard botox or any female face for that matter just don’t matter if you stare at a bitch’s tits. And that concludes today’s life lesson. See, I’m like a TGIF sticom when the sappy music comes on and you know it’s time to learn the moral of the story…

Either way, here is a tight body in a tight dress that would probably look better if she wore it backwards.

Pics via LFI

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  • Drunken Pig

    Kinda look’s like Lardassian…if she lost 30lbs!!