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Nicole Scherzinger Shows Off Her Body of the Day

There is nothing very interesting about Nicole Scherzinger. She’s the tacky lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls who inspires trashy women across the world to wear cheap lingerie and do cheap dances to cheap quality music but I guess in some ways that makes her very fucking interesting and without her, maybe strippers would still be doing stage shows to Poison.

The only reason I am putting this up is because she’s got a great fucking body and sometimes, that’s good enough for me. Haggard botox or any female face for that matter just don’t matter if you stare at a bitch’s tits. And that concludes today’s life lesson. See, I’m like a TGIF sticom when the sappy music comes on and you know it’s time to learn the moral of the story…

Either way, here is a tight body in a tight dress that would probably look better if she wore it backwards.

Pics via LFI

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Marla Maples is a Tight Rich Old Lady in a Bikini of the Day

Girls if you’re wondering what the benefits of marrying rich are, they include having all the money in the world with no need to actually work to pay the bills, giving you all the time in the world to hang with your really ugly daughter you had to have to ensure proper payment, and who despite being ashamed of, are happy you have because it has proved to be really fucking profitable, and when you’re not with your ugly daughter cuz you’ve pawned her off to the staff, or the really premium private school you hope educates her very well since her looks won’t be getting her too far, but then again her dad probably will, you can go to the fucking gym and get Abs at 50 in some very freaky, but kinda hot way….probably no hot enough to warrent the monthly checks Trump signs over to her, but he can afford it so who really gives a fuck….

So fuck the poor guy on the side, when the rich guy is at the office and on business trips, cuz shit can make your life a hell of a lot better and all you have to do is fuck them a few times, when they aren’t too busy cheating on you, and make a few public appearances…easy prostitution….like staging a couple paparazzi pics to stay relevant…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lohan’s Got a Tight Body of the Day

Lohan is the only person I post about that I actually like. Maybe it’s because we are connected at the soul, but I think it’s got more to do with her not really giving a fuck. You know, rippin’ lines in public at clubs after drinking heavily leading her to rehab and crashing cars, dating many random dudes including Mexican pieces of shit from That 70s Show, leading to rumors of STDs and now lesbianisn, but she just keeps on going and openly does her thing without being a spoiled cunt about things like Paris Hilton even though she probably could.

She’s made her own money and I think girls got it going on and if I knew how to write, I’d definitely write a movie that would win her an Oscar and based on my research it would either have to make her a transgendered downs syndrome retard with breast cancer who follows her dreams of being a pornstar but gets raped and pregnant and miscarries throwing her into a journey of self discovery that leads her to adopting her prostitute friend who got shot’s baby and turning her life around by finding Jesus before dying, because that’s the kind of shit the Academy Awards are really into.

Either way, this is Lohan and she is pulling up her shirt and showing off her stomach and I like it mainly because she’s not fat and everything around me seems to be fat, including myself but excluding my penis and my wallet.

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