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Elle Macpherson’s Retired Model Cleavage of the Day

I hate all celebrities, but as far as I’m concerned models aren’t celebrities, so I’m allowed to give them praise for being hot every once in a while, and I know that Elle Macpherson well into her 40s and well into retirement may not be all that she was, but there was a time when I first moved to America and the closest thing to porn I had was the ’89 SI Swimsuit VHS my roommate stole from some store. I watched that tape all the fucking time, seriously, I don’t even know how many times I jerked off to it, but I know it was enough to fill up a beer glass I had on the coffee table, and for some reason Elle Macpherson was the bitch who blew my 19 year old load every single time….She brought me hope that I was in the land of opportunity…and that maybe Australia would have been a better choice than Canada…but it was too late to worry about those little things…cuz I already had another boner and was ready to go at it again….so in a lot of ways, I’ve had a relationship with this bitch, strictly sexual, she just never knew it and even in her old age, she’s still got it going on, and I guess that’s the same love you see when a dude’s hot wife turns fat but he still cuddles her at night like a little bitch cuz he’s co-dependant as fuck and sees past her fat cuz there’s so much more to the bitch that her gut….or some shit…and here are some pics of her tits yesterday…

Pics via Fame

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  • cowbulls

    Elle is still hot, especially for her age. I agree she has been great for the Kleenex industry. I give her major extra credit for supposedly sharing that body with a long, long line of very lucky and satisfied men. I’d say she has been a major asset to mankind.

  • Roo

    Still damn hot. And hotter than Miranda Kerr who is younger and ugly and stupid as hell.

  • WayTooMuchInfoDSF

    What a revolting and hysterical article! DSF, rent Sirens. Elle and a few others are nude and frolicky in it. and no, there’s no need to thank me