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Some Celebrity’s, Mainly Named Kate at Some Event I Wasn’t Invited to of the Day

Oh shit here was a Kate Party…..and I wasn’t invited….because I don’t get invited to anything, but also because my name isn’t Kate…except in certain circles like when I was in prison but I’d rather not get into those dark and painful to walk years….

Kate Beckinsale, Kate Bowsworth and Kate Hudson showed off some the tit and bodies they had, and also let a couple other twats passed security, like Reese Witherspoon and Olivia Wilde, cuz they feel sorry for them for obvious reasons…..

Here are the pics…

Kate Beckinsale Busting Out

Kate Hudson and her Mom Implants

Kate Bosworth Skinny Goodness

Oh and Reese Witherspoon was there

Reese Witherspoon Busted…

So was Olivia Wilde…cuz she already named herself ofter Oscar Wilde, what more does she need to do to get relevant in Hollywood…ya know….

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