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Ashley Tisdale’s Rockin’ Bikini Pics on Twitter of the Day

Ashley Tisdale needs to step up her attention seeking game. Seriously, if this is her strategy to get noticed, she has fucking failed hard. You would thin that she’d know by now, after all these years in the hollywood grind, that a key to getting work is having fans, and a key to getting fans is showing off your tight body that you work on so hard cuz your face is so busted, especially now that twitter and instagram exist, but instead you post some shit from a distance…that even a peeping tom who gets off to shit from a distance can’t get off to cuz we can’t see even a bit of that bikini body. She’s failed…..I get that she knows she’s good from far but far from good, but she’s gotta suck that reality up and slut the fuck out, make some noise and build a better life for us….

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