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Brooke Burke Models Lingerie of the Day

Here is a video of Brooke Burke….former Wild On, Stripper looking bitch who partied internationally, current mom of a dozen kids…..talking some bullshit about how she loves when people take pics of her in lingerie, how she loves wearing lingerie, how she’s really into the brand cuz they gave her money to say that, all while wearing pretty tame outfits, considering her fucking slutty claims and slutty past and slutty clam that has to be slutty to pump out so many fucking children with different men….but she’s in lingerie, she looks better than my wife, which isn’t saying much because my wife is disgusting, too fucking far gone to even consider a woman….

but it is saying that Brooke Burke mom of a dozen kids, is hot bodied, so if you know a woman who talks bullshit about how she can’t get a hot body of flat stomach after making babies, as she eats a piece of cake and drinks a 1000 calorie frappicino, show her this video to remind her of the lies and that she just doesn’t fucking try hard enough….or you could just fuck a hotter younger girl….

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