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Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan Had a Sleepover of the Day

Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan were partying in a hotel room together and the real tragedy in all this is that the building wasn’t bombed. No terrorist plane flew into it….no crazed gunman peppered the place with bullets…it is always the innocent who get killed by the crazies, when really the people who actually deserve it just keep getting fucking paid….

I’ve been in a Lindsay Lohan hotel room party, probably 3 years ago, and it was basically an emotionally tormented Lohan ego show….crying and dancing and locking herself in a room doing drugs…while I drank her free booze….so I can just assume this was that multiplied by two…cuz even the pics they put out of the union were garbage..

Celebrity is all a fucking lie and these bitches are the worst…luckily they are both on the outs and this is the worst fake scandal for attention ever – no one cares if they eat each other out…they are both garbage and the public is too busy worrying about Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattison…

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  • Rick

    I’m sure there was absolutely no cocaine whatsoever at this sleep over.

  • forkan


  • that is just sick