I'll Make You Famous…


  • Blu

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for even promoting this picture and posting it out their its clear she didnt mean to get her picture taken with those heartless papz and this is not gonna make the situation better at all! Smh just wrong!

  • stephanie

    Wow this is so invasive, what else

  • perry

    If she didn’t want it taken why she didn’t move. she knew full well what was happening and she kept looking back as though she knew what was going on. Does anyone stand at a door and undress?

  • cheese

    I don’t know.. she some how knew there was a photographer there, no matter how far away he/she was. She looks right at it and continues to get undressed.

  • Like seriously,what is this whole bulldamn!! Were you there when the pictures were being taken..And were you with her when she was changing her bikini?!As a matter of fact,who won’t check or look out her window in order to be cautious when undressing..And the fact that she turned does not necessarily means she new there was a photographer and she intended to take these pictures..Couldn’t she just feel free and change herself?!C’mon,like seriously..would you remain stiff-necked when dressing..Gosh!!Under normal fact,who would remain stiff-necked when dressing or changing whatever!!Ha:!

  • Gantunu

    Absolutely she has da right to do everything as long as she’s comfortable with it … and we too need to give and respect her private life…, let us keep some of her life styles unclassified ,
    Thank you all ,, we love you Rihanna

  • Roadrunner

    I think the pics are awesome, a smokin hot woman who doesn’t mind being an exhibitionist and allowing others to see, nothing wrong with that, but now if these pics were actually takin in an opposing building and several floors up then whoever took them was some sorry pervs that can’t seem to get a woman and you should be ashamed of that.

  • Eso es una nalguita al igual que todas las nalgas, en mi pais hay mejores y mas bonita que ella, porque tanta buya con eso..por favor dejen esa gente en paz..son seres humanos tambien..

  • Evelyn

    I think she knew they were there, so whats new. She may as well show how good she looks now because things can change faster than you think. One day your young and beautiful and can’t beat um off with a stick, thennnnn, time catches up and you look in the mirror and say “Who’s that old gal” I know, I was beautiful once too. Go for it Gal…………..

  • afadsf

    it looks more like the Man then a women

  • Questionable

    If she did it on purpose fine, if not fine too. But my question is….with all the tattoos she has…why don’t these shots show any on this girl? Ri has large tats. Just food for thought.

  • mike

    If you have a bod as elegant as her, it’s only right that you share!

  • Rick