I'll Make You Famous…


  • aioaio

    If this world were truly free and pro-nature, naked body would not be indignuity, but natural dignity and Rihanna and all people could sing, dance, walk and jump naked in public places, cause body is not a crime, but the mind that sees it as a crime. Of course this photos, if stolen, are a crime. This is her privacy and this must be sacred always. She has a very beautiful body, she ought not to cover it so much. Precious artist she is. Change human mind, Rihanna, let there be public nudity as an Art expression of human evolution.

  • Rebecca

    If she didn’t want to be photographed she wouldn’t have undressed in front of an open door! Attention is all that was

  • Amy

    I do not think this is in fact Rihanna. The person in these pictures don’t have tattoos like Rihanna does.

  • Liz

    Amy…dear…look the previous pic!