I'll Make You Famous…


  • it looked like she knew she is photographed

  • ETorr

    She’s such a slut. She definitely knew she was being photographed. She should just make a porn and get it over with. She’ll be better at that because her music sucks.

  • I think she’s a beautiful gal, a bit lacking up top but that blunt she’s smoking makes up for it in my books. Chris Brown your on lucky dude!

  • you w0t m8

  • jay

    @ ETorr Damn she is a slut. Why you hatting on Rihanna. ? If her music sucked she wouldn’t be on everybody CD and all the shows she headline. Also, she was one of the top paid female singers this year. Did you make 58 mil this year? She has a bad ass body why not show it off.

  • Tati

    Love Rihanna! Just cuz shes sexy and she shows it don’t make her a slut. Yall who think that just wish it was you. So..stfu.

  • Missy2012

    If u look closely it seems like she catch the camera give them a scowl that on her face ( she does not look happy) and give them her ass to kiss! So what she naked we all came out naked but I do not believe she did his on purpose she always cover her boobs. She is such a slut but so many dude fall in love wit her! This is just public persona that just the half of who she is! Is Britney, jenifer Anniston, Taylor Swift, not sluts because they have slept with twice as many men a Ri! No they are not because they are not black

  • LittleMo

    Rihanna is a slut. Any woman who wears a necklace that says c__t doesn’t deserve an ounce of respect. How much money she earned – and I don’t believe $58 million dollars this year for a minute – doesn’t mean anything. A high-priced uptown call girl is as much of a whore as the downtown girl walking the street.

  • Rebecca

    If she didn’t want to be photographed she wouldn’t have undressed in front of an open door!! Attention is all that was smh

  • lele

    Rihanna won’t ppl to see her naked,she aint got no tits and no ass.She is just a wild child and don’t give a fuck

  • lele

    Rihanna want ppl to see her naked,she aint got no tits and no ass.She is just a wild child and don’t give a fuck

  • Kim

    You guys who say she’s a whore have Madonna/whore issues. So what if a girl is not embarrassed by being naked or liking sex. You would think that you would like it that a woman is uninhibited.

  • smh