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Rihanna “Caught” Nude and Changing Bikinis of the Day

It is safe to say that I am probably going to get sued for posting these pics, you know like I used to get sued, back when I still mattered, you know when this shit was actually funny cuz it was legit and not staged by the celebs begging for attention…

You know cuz Rihanna is an exhibitionist, she’s already leaked nudes, she’s constantly fucking with the media with her Chris Brown fake abuse, boyfriend, ex boyfriend, unstable relationship shit, so she likely doesn’t give a fuck that these happened…you know it comes with the selling your soul territory..

But the creepy paparazzi who took the pic likely does, and I expect them to be removed sooner than later, so take them in, absorb them, love them and make love to yourself while looking at them…

I can’t say this is the last time you’ll see her naked, but it is the first time you have in a while…

And if this isn’t in fact Rihanna at her ocean side villa not giving a fuck about paparazzi, but a look a like in a similar villa, this post automatically be became racist…I don’t think all black people look the same…I swear..

Here are the fun pics…and I like them…she’s a bit of a babe…isn’t she…thank god this isn’t a horror movie where she’s the first to be killed off cuz I want more!!! GIVE ME MORE!!


I’m drunk. The paparazzi is gonna hate me….more than they already do…..but I can’t Help but like seeing CELEBS FUCK

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  • Diamond Godde$$!!!

    Next, it’ll be photos of her taking a dump, complete with “full-toilet” evidence!!!
    Rihanna is grosse.

  • ZHD

    She wasn’t caught doing shit! She knew the photographer was there and put on a show to stay relevant in the dirtsheets.

    Seriously, who changes their clothes with an open door, much less one that opens to the outside world?

  • cowbulls

    She is such an attention whore. Well let’s just say she is a whore.

  • yes

    Ugly black ass.

  • Foreskin

    C’mon… my grand mother has a better (looking / fuckable..) bum – and she’s in her 70’s…

  • Um you all are rude, rihanna is cute, and she has a fine body to me, like shit, leave her the fuck alone.!

  • maria

    The person who took this pic should be charged for coming to our home and violating our fellow countryman. This is bullshit! And the MFs on here who insulted our gem, I doubt your asses look half as good. From felow bajans FUCK RIGHT OFF. I hope she sues your asses MOTHERFUCKERS.

  • Someone

    what the fuck is wrong with you people? Her body is perfect.

  • Rosarch

    There is no way you are Bajan because Bajans hate her ass. Violated her? The dumb bitch changed outside in plain view. She should be charged with indecent exposure.

  • Jamily

    Hey rihanna is just plain gross..she degrades women how can u cahnge ur clothes with an open window for the world to see…those people who are picking up for her is just like her no dignity at all…she will always be gross…she makes caribbean women look foolish..with her ugly ass i am glad i am not from the barbados

  • Jamily

    Yes her body is perfect but that don’t give her the authority to expose herself..please come on she needs to do better she needs to go to a mental hospital because apparently she is a pysco…always trying to get the attention of others…that’s not the way to do it….i love her but i don’t like her behavior..she needs to do better…what kinda role model is she for young girls is this she is teaching us to be like…she is not a good role model for me n i will never want to be like her..

  • Gina

    She is doing no worse than Kate Middleton, who was topless sunbathing outside when the paps caught her but everyone wants to cry foul. Rihanna was obviously inside her own room on an upper floor when some creep got his shot. She probably doesn’t mind because she is not an American with hangups about being nude so leave her alone!! Stop all the hating!!

  • Oh well, if you got it flaunt it, but with clothes on!!!

  • Bonnie

    She wanted to be seen or she would have closed the curtains.

  • What a show!!!

    She did it for a willing audience.

    Guys lets not pretend, we love to see such shows. That is why we get them on a daily basis

  • sick

    Such a whore! Who would change her clothes in balcony?? Please plese, destroy this fame ho and her career!!!!

  • jb

    This is different than Kate Middleton. Kate was on a private island where no one was permitted to be. Rihanna was in the open in a public area knowing full well she would be seen. And Rihanna has lived in America for most of her life, but Kate has always been in England.

  • lQihanna behave yourself