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Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Bikini is For Sale on eBay of the Day

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Bikini For Sale on eBay

I have been a huge fan, endorser, supporter of this Farrah Abraham Teen Mom sex tape since the beginning. Partially because I love all sex tapes that involve people who aren’t officially pornstars, but also because it was fucking hot. I posted the Exclusive Clip Of Her Squirting

As much as she’s hated, or crying for attention, or has shitty implants and a bad face. And as much as people are mocking her and laughing at her cheap attempts to get attention. I honestly think the whole thing was fantastic. But maybe I just like Anal and Squirting …..

Sure, the whole being a teen mom thing is not as erotic as it used to be, now that MTV ruined what was sacred, making celebrities out of these otherwise broken girls, who would have probably turned to stripping and porn just to pay the bills, but not as a next chapter in her low level entertainment, trying to be famous hustle…..but it still paved the way for her to be someone I get to watch fuck as someone who wasn’t a pornstar before…. And for that I am okay with it.

Apparently, her unwashed bikini that she wore for the cover of the sex tape is listed on eBay and some panty sniffer is willing to pay more than 100 dollars for it.

That panty sniffer is not me, but it would be if I planned better…

It is being put up for sale by Vivid – here’s the description:

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of pop-culture history! The winning bidder will receive the actual bikini worn by Teen Mom and new celebrity sex-tape sensation Farrah Abraham in her record-breaking DVD!

Farrah wore this bikini in her private photo shoot for “Poolside Collection” swimwear before it was catapulted into the annals of sex-tape history when it appeared on the cover of “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom”.

And now for one lucky fan only…Farrah’s bikini…straight off her body and into your hands!

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Bikini For Sale on eBay

I love the way this story is shaping….developing…and making her porn career more of a reality…

I’m looking forward to hanging with her in Florida.


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  • Vivid to us: Here is your chance to get crabs, herpes and whatever the hell else that lying sack of shit Farrah Abraham has by “winning” her actual worn bikini! All for a low, low price of $2,100 starting bid!

    Uh, thanks Vivid?

    Additionally, further proof this was staged from the get go. Wish she would stop tainting James Deen by insinuating he would fuck her for free.

    He could have any woman he wants. He wouldn’t be her for non career purposes. He most likely lost against the like 5 other guys in porn and was forced, but he’s a man whore damn it!

    Like the Naked Cowboy sings, “I’m the naked cowboy, you gotta do whatcha gotta do-oo.”

    It fits here.

  • FunKiller

    I would pay approximately $43 to have sex with her, with the only stipulation being that that $43 goes to her daughters college fund. Sure it’ll later be cashed in when this whore’s all out of cash….but it’s the sentiment that counts, right?

  • Willie Kumm

    The only thing that sucks worse than Teen Mom Whore is Drunken Suckfather shilling for her ugly cum drenched ass. The video sucks!!! Stop trying to jam it down your readers’ throats every friggin second.

  • Doorknobensteen

    Not much to jam down anyones throat (so says the Farrah) but plenty comin back the other direction!