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Bella Hadid Nipple for S Moda of the Day


Here’s Gigi Hadid’s darker, more desperate, trying to jump on the opportunity train, because she’s equally rich and equally hungry for male attention…thanks to dad only dating models…and throwing money their way to shut them up…or turn them into models…because I guess that’s what he values and they subconsciously want to impress daddy…in what we can assume is a standard psychological issue…but maybe little naughtier in the incest ridden arab world…am I going to get bombed by white people who love arabs for that? I mean… I guess they don’t know my arab neighbors who are either brother and sister or first cousins…both named Hadid or something equally arab…doesn’t matter..

What matters is Bella Hadid’s rich girl breast implants and nipples to please her daddy, ride her sister’s coat tails, when not fucking the black guys she fucks…..

I think I already posted these – but who can be too sure – her parents probably didn’t even notice these…because who cares about Bella Hadid…when Gigi’s the star…

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