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Adriana Lima Knows Her Angles of the Day

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I got hate mail from one person for calling Adriana Lima fat in at least 1 of the last few posts I’ve featured her in…because I guess I was being a little to quick to pull the plus sized model card, seeing as she’s not fat…obviously…or at least not fat like we know fat…where bellies are hanging over elastic band pants….fat….but she is looking her age, like a mom, with a barrel of a body…much like a pug…like the old timer stripper working the day shift…you still get a lap dance from her…but you prefer when her daughter, following her foot steps is working…ya know…

Not to mention, Lima may be fat, I’ve seen many secret internet fatties rocking their angles…to look lean and even toned…so…I’ll only be able to give you an educated opinion when she’s sitting on my face….

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  • xyz

    As attractive as a broomstick. If she had dark eyes, noone would have glanced twiced at ther