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Kendall and Gigi in their Underwear of the Day

God these girls are annoying…trashy, attention seeking reality stars, who think they are working, when they are really just

The highlight of this video is not Gigi and Kendall in their underwear, where GIGI talks about her tit size during her period, or Kendall Stuffing her tit with chicken cutlets, but rather when Kendall Calls her Dad – Dad….

Topless Kendall massaging Gay man sounding fat chick Kim Kardashian….or all these idiots fawning over themselves in a “you’re so great”…no “you’re so great”…nonsense..

The sick thing in all this is that these people think what they are doing is actually of importance…stupid vapid, spoiled, coddled, overrated, overexposed, lazy fucking no morals, all that is wrong with vain America, the reason for Reality Stars running for president, a bunch of fucking retard Bra Stuffers…

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