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Doutzen Kroes Lingerie for HUnkemoller of the Day


Back in september I wrote this about Doutzen Kroes-Black DJ baby making lingerie model’s campaign with this random lingerie company:

Doutzen Kroes got fired from Victoria’s Secret, but she didn’t let that stop her from living out her dreams – or living out what she considers her marketable skills of being a lingerie model – even though she’s not good enough for the big guys, she was still part of the big guys and like any fired employee can spin it to make it look like it was her choice to walk from the million dollar a year contract – to focus on her own projects – since no one likes to be stifled by the mean boss breathing down their neck, and some people like to go off and freelance, building an empire of her own….

I’m surprised any company would want to use someone fired from Victoria’s Secret, when they could use countless young girls who have huge instagram following to at least pretend they are sourcing fresh blood….but like they say – one man’s trash is another man’s cum dumpster…so I guess this is “cum dumpster”…in the lingerie world…

Pretty much stand by that…at least the first sentence…I didn’t read the rest…it’s not that important…when you only care about seeing the half naked dutch mom of two…I figure if you get fired from the industry standard underwear company…I’d assume no other underwear company would touch you….but rather force her to fend for herself…begging to get pics of her in underwear taken…you know to feel alive…I guess people aren’t very creative and just go with what they assume is a bargain….maybe even free…just to make her feel like it’s not all over for her…while it is.

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