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Jennifer Lopez Harper’s Bazaar of the Day


According to my very important and accurate Facebook Trending News that made TRUMP win the election – Jennifer Lopez kissed Marc Anthony on stage at some hispanic award show that was honoring him for surviving despite being a premature looking, skeletor motherfucker….because apparently kissing your ex husband, when you’re hispanic and kiss everything due to your passionate latin nature, is newsworthy to white people….who care about this bullshit, or the hope of re-kindling love of your favorite famous couples who don’t matter, but are very rich and leaders or icon to hispanic world…

But I’m more into her slutty crotch shot for Harper’s Bazaar which despite being old, she’s had a fat ass forever, so unlike most chicks fattening up as they get older, we’re already used to this….it’s shameless, it’s silly, it makes her money while doing very little, so whatever – it happened….

All this to say I hate Jennifer Lopez….

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