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Kaley Cuoco’s in Women’s Health Magazine of the Day

The Women’s Health UK magazine did a feature on Kaley Cuoco – the girl who killed John Ritter with her sex appeal from her first TV show….before working a 100 million dollar deal to close out her Modern Family show…money that she’s used to get a nose job and a boob job – that she’s in a Women’s Health magazine bragging and saying how they have made her life better….so these young girls reading up on their favorite “hot chick in the nerd show – because her hotness is accessible and nerd friendly”…who are already watching the Kardashians rebuild their faces and bodies…saving up for their first face injections…need that extra push to want to go under the knife…to look as good as they can on social media …because when you read up on Women’s Health the takeaway you want isn’t health, fitness, diet tips…it’s how to buy beauty….dumb cunt…isn’t even that hot.

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