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Bella Hadid Butt Shot of the Day


Bella Hadid is a Victoria’s Secret model now, because Victoria’s Secret is a trend setting company that digs through the depths of the world to find the next big model to turn into a promo model that sells shitty made in china overpriced panties…and sometimes the depths of the world is in your own backyard, knocking at your door, in the form of a social media hookers – that aren’t even first generation social media hookers.

This one is a third generation social media hooker who mooched off her sister who was second generation that mooched off the first generation social media hookers we call the man killing kardashians….

So does that make her social media fame and the fact the media love her – because they love her followers something to legitimately celebrate? Is she worthy of the audience that as a rich and connected person you can buy. Is there any difference between her and a Kate Hudson or other child star who was in the media or movies because of family friends – does this have any less skill or talent than being a terrible actress…

I figure it’s all fair game, plus social media fake models – living the model life – all get naked and give us butt shots…so there you fucking go…good job Hadid…the half Palestinian / Half sugar baby queen….

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