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Rich Kids Nicola Peltz and Sofia Richie Vacation Together of the Day

Nicola Peltz is the daughter of Billions Nelson Peltz who created Snapple…and owned Wendys and lot of other shit….

So by default – She is a billionaire…or at least an Heiress to billions and that alone makes her a fucking tyrant, not down to earth at all, she lives in a fucking bubble of slave laborors and nannies who coddled her, where she was given everything she ever wanted…you know a princess who has been in a handful of movies her dad probably financed…to shut her up, or to feel less guilty about being an earner rather than a dad….basically an upstate New York Kardashian, less vapid maybe than the LA strain of this virus…but still shit…..shit I’d like to smear on my face like it was war paint…because she’s kind of wonderful…great to look at…and even when she hangs with that rifraff black (in terms of rich people) Sofia Richie..like she was Paris and Sofia was Nicole…trying to relive those moments in what we can assume will be a TV show for the new generation….she gets some hot pics…and does some destructive shit in the grocery store because rich kids – have no consequences…the way real life should be….but isn’t unless your dad is richer than god…

Either way…here are their asses in bikinis…

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  • The Intelligent Implant

    These slores are so boring and need to lay off the filters, that is quite a gnarly scar on the blonde nobody though.

  • xyz

    How did she get famous? Ask Lionel Richie, her dad…. She tries hard to be white, epic failure tho