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Bella Thorne Jessica Rabbits of the Day

Bella Thorne has a new show out – that is slated to be the biggest new teen show on TV, thanks to featuring Bella Thorne….I think it premiere’s tonight, because she’s been promoting it hard…as it is really going to put her on the map…despite her insane amount of instagram followers from being a Disney Kid turned exhibitionist proving that she is already on the map…

Your big fear should be that this attention and success will make her lazy in her exhibitionism, because she’s got what she wants…a TV show, movies, work, success…money….and when a girl gets what her want, she gets less hungry, and gets tired of the attention…and stops the exhibitionism…TRAGIC..

But I guess we are versatile and can jerk off to her pretty much doing anything…like cleavage in a red dress with her red hair doing what I call the Jessica Rabbit. We are so flexible in our titty obsession….and by we I mean me…I just sometimes think there are more of us.

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