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Shakira New Single of the Day

Shakira released a new sex tape, which is in the form of a music video for the international / Spanish market that created her…and allowed her to have American success with her breasts that are small and humble that she didn’t want you to confuse for mountains….

It’s not an actual Sex Tape but rather a Music video, but her fans are so passionate about her and find her so hot that I think more people will jerk off to this than most porns…she’s just that kind of girl….

Sure she’s a mom, and this isn’t erotic, but she’s one of those loved and celebrated…she let her be loved and celebrated….by trying to jerk off to this…that’s how you are supposed to show all girls they are love and celebrated…but it may get you arrested if you do it when they don’t know who you are and they are sitting on a park bench across from you though


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