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Alexis Ren Eating Burgers of the Day

I sent this picture of Alexis Ren eating a burger to a girl I know who doesn’t even have instagram….

I know a rare breed of woman who isn’t narcissistic enough to put out content of herself to be validated by likes and comments and followers…or maybe too narcissistic for instagram…who knows…but for some reason she knew this was Alexis Ren…

She said…”Is that Alexis Ren”…and I was like “is she your friend, how the fuck would you know this is Alexis Ren, who happens to be a virtual no one despite all her followers on an app you don’t even use”….

And as it turns out, Alexis Ren is the accessible hot chick that other chicks look at and think is so hot and amazing, envying her awesome life, despite being pretty much a nobody…

So I couldn’t recognize or identify Alexis Ren….in a line-up…but…appparently people can..

I just like her tits pulled out, despite being fake tits, as she eats her burger like a good girl.

It makes me want to be there with napkin in hand to wipe the mustard off the corners of her mouth….with my dick.

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