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Anna Kendrick’s face annoys me…she creeps me out…she’s overrated…but I guess people love her, so does that make her overrated or just a good SCAM…who knows!!

But despite people loving her, I remain not into her….there’s something about her mouth that just prevents me from wanting me to fuck it…you know like in the pornos, all romantic-like, grabbing at her ears and thrusting it as bitch pukes…and I’m usually into doing that to all women….even gross ones…especially gross ones..and if they’ve been in movies and are successful it’d be a no brainer….

You know all overpaid, rich as fuck, brats who sold themselves to the industry…like the hookers they are…hooking onto my dick with that lip of hers…

But no…I just don’t like Anna Kendrick, but you do.

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