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Hailey Baldwin and Cami Marrone in Bathing Suits of the Day

Cami Marrone and Hailey Baldwin are buddies in Cannes, the it place to be, because these girls with celebrity parents or stepparents are always not too far apart. It is how they make their spending money, it’s the low workload way to monetize, because at least when social media didn’t exist, these celeb children had to be in movies to get famous, which is not real work, but still more work than hanging out and taking selfies by the pool…which is work…to someone who has never worked.

The interesting thing about Hailey Baldwin is her youthful ass….while the interesting thing about busty Cami Marrone, is like every other busty girl in her late teens before her, her thighs catch up and girl is thick.

For those of you who don’t know who Cami Marrone is…she’s on TV or in a few shitty movies, I think her stepdad is Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro, which means her mom…is an OG gold digger. We like when it starts with the momma and works its way down.

For those of you who don’t know who Hailey Baldwin is, you clearly, like the rest of us, don’t read MAXIM magazine who just named her number 1, for whatever reason I call a scam…but compared to Cami Marrone who is still hot….she is number 1…that’s probably why she hangs with her, rather than being the bootleg Kendall…

Either way, young youngs in bathing suits being fancy….always fun

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