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Bella Hadid is so Casual on the Yacht Showering for the Cameraman of the Day

Bella Hadid posted this super casual selfie of herself in what looks like lingerie, but could be a bathing suit, you know we live in a world of girls who need to take instagram selfies in bikinis to get followers, so the bikini market has really taken the fuck off…

You know so that these women, whether it is mooches like the Hadids, who basically eat the Kardashian/ Jenner table scraps…just garbage people sitting at the right table…who post pics of themselves like this – just casually taking a Yacht Shower…not posing like a fucking lame bitch who poses like she’s a model…only this one has tricked people into treating her like a model…and the whole world…remains DUMB.

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  • Captain Sarcasticus

    …and precisely no one was surprised that she’s still making that one dumb-assed face.

    Every. Fucking. Time.