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Taylor Hill Overrated White Girl with hot Daphne Groeneveld Models on Yachts of the Day

Taylor Hill is a little boring…but she’s with Daphne Groeneveld who is hot…and I guess their rich and dialed in older boyfriends…because these yachts don’t come free…unless some shit got swindled hard in the negotiations that made the yacht company absorb the yacht cost to have two hot models on the yacht…but either way…whether rich dudes they fuck pay, or rich dudes who own the yacht are gifting cuz they want hot pussy on bikinis on the yacht…they are still hookers to me…and I guess my oopinion is the only one that matters since I am the only one here reading this…but not actually… it’s more being shat out of my mouth than anything really…

But this Daphne Groeneveld…she’s pretty amazing….I am that round ass…is amazing…and I love young girls with round assese…there just seem to be so many around..and I want to be best friends with ALL of them.

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