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Jamie Lynn Sigler’s SHorts of the Day

I never even watched the Sopranos, yet I am compelled to post Meadow Soprano in her shorts, rocking some Italian or Jewish Booty, lookin’ nice and lazy yet erotic, because I think I have a middled aged mom fetish, at least that is what I assume is going now that I look at 40 year olds and think “I’d fuck that”….something very foreign to me, but I guess something that happens when you’ve been exposed to too many hot young chicks, it becomes the norm and average middle aged chicks become the new freaky fetish..>WHO KNOWS<- We can all agree that we'd like her better if she was Jamie Lynn Spears... MOM EROTICA - MY FAVORITE.. [gallery ids="547497,547498,547499"] TO SEE THE REST OF THE PICS CLICK HERE

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