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Katy Perry Unfortunately Not Dead in W Magazine

Katy Perry may not agree with this “this would be better if she was dead in the pics and not because I am a necro, but because she’s the worst”…..

You see, she’s won at life with her trolling and people actually took her serious as an “artist” or celebrity…and after a troll works, you end up embracing it as truth and your ego inflates and you think you are a contribution to society…

Even when you perform your shit music, or hear your shit music, you hear cold, and not the shit that it actually is….

We get it, but she’s not even hot, big tits or not..not hot…but people are brain washed to like her – so here she is in W magazine doing media promoting nonsense that we hope dont’ get celebrated as if they are quality contributions to the arts…

She is garbage..

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