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Jamie Lynn Sigler’s SHorts of the Day

I never even watched the Sopranos, yet I am compelled to post Meadow Soprano in her shorts, rocking some Italian or Jewish Booty, lookin’ nice and lazy yet erotic, because I think I have a middled aged mom fetish, at least that is what I assume is going now that I look at 40 year olds and think “I’d fuck that”….something very foreign to me, but I guess something that happens when you’ve been exposed to too many hot young chicks, it becomes the norm and average middle aged chicks become the new freaky fetish..>WHO KNOWS<- We can all agree that we'd like her better if she was Jamie Lynn Spears... MOM EROTICA - MY FAVORITE.. [gallery ids="547497,547498,547499"] TO SEE THE REST OF THE PICS CLICK HERE

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Titty Shot of the Day

I hear it everyday “You’re site is like blockbuster”….no one visits websites anymore…you’re old, you’re tired, why do you waste your time doing this, you out of touch fucking pig…you irrelevant, not with the times, dated pile of shit….your social media sucks, kids have never heard of you, what is your fucking problem…

And the truth is, I was Blockbuster, before Blockbuster knew they were Blockbuster”…you know..I started this shit out of touch, irrelevant, disinterested in “celebs”…sure I jerked off to mainstream actor tits I’d find on weird porn thumbnail sites, but I didn’t fuck want this shit, I didn’t ask for this shit, and despite the traffic I used to get, not one person, not even my friends who knew I did the site, visited the site, cared about the site, remembered the name of the site…

I can remember people I talk saying “how’s your drunk uncle” project going, 10 years into doing this DRUNK UNCLE project….because it is stupid, it is a waste of time, and the fact I do it is a sickness….

It won’t go viral, not then, not ever, it doesn’t make money,..it just costs money I don’t even have…and it’s a miracle it keeps going..because ultimately I don’t care…

What I will assume is that the only people on this site are 40 years old, they remember an era when tits weren’t on social media because social media didn’t exist, or barely existed in 2004 when I started this. I will assume that they remember I was the only site that wasn’t a porn site, but labeled a porn site, preventing me from getting rich, but I was so committed to my feminist ideals that I kept posting the nudes….regardless of the money…a martyr or a retard…

So for those 40 year olds, I assume may come to the site, here’s some Meadow Soprano self produced mom in her 40s titty porn, something you shouldn’t jerk off to, but that I figure is a fetish of yours…

Because even if this 90s revival, no one gives a fuck about Meadow Soprano, but the big titty shamelessness to compete with the youth on IG….isn’t that bad…

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Jamie Lynn Sigler Tits of the Day

Do you remember jerking off to Meadow Soprano? Me neither. I think on the scale of sex appeal, this motherfucker was a 0. I mean I think Tony Soprano’s tits were probably more desirable in the grand scheme of things – but that’s just because it’s not gay if he’s dead…right?

Here she is showing some cleavage at an event, and it’s really not all that sexy and I don’t really know why I am bothering with this, because let’s face it – we’re an internet porn era and getting off to cleavage would be a real flashback to what was…you know when you used to jerked off to the thought of girls you actually knew and not gaping assholes….back when you didn’t have their facebook to cross reference..because getting off to a real person was a thing….…and sometimes it just takes a shitty cleavage on d-list celeb to realize pussy you kinda know in real life is really what’s actually important in life….

That said – Jamie Lynn Sigler’s Best Work was her 2008 Pussy Flash – Back When Pussy Flashes Still Mattered …She’s an inny…


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Jamie Lynn Sigler’s Pregnant Bikini of the Day

There’s just something about pregnant girls in bikinis…that makes me want to throw up.

There’s a creature growing inside her that will be shat out of her pussy.

That’s fucking disgusting.

Not to mention, look at her body, built like a tank, when and if that shit ever burns off her, she’ll be a shell of what she once was…a loose skinned shell.

Horrible. Put some clothes on. Keep it in your pants. This is what abortions were made for.


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Jamie Lynn Sigler Great Tits Bad Face of the Day

Here’s a new feature I’ve decided to start and will probbaly forget I started…meaning it may be the first and last in the series…called “Great Tits Bad Face”….and our first GTBF girl is Jamie Lynn Sigler…from the Sopranos….who has since done nothing but fuck the fat dude from Entourage….which translates into…she’s done nothing since the Sopranos….but get older….and build out some wonky, disproportionate, bug eyed face….but the good news is…she’s got great tits…and they can save her from anything….

That has been our first installment of Great Tits Bad Face…..


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Jamie Lynn Sigler Tit Hanging Out of a Dress for Twitter

Jamie Lynn Sigler hasn’t been in our faces or on our faces or on our faces in our fantasies while watching her on shitty TV because it makes the show that she is on more interesting, especially when that show is Entourage – but she has been posting her fatty tits hanging out of her shit on twitter, and as far as I’m concerned that is all the relevant she needs to be……if anything this is the peak performance of her career and it is all down hill from here….but then again I am really into has been barely famous tits hanging out of shirts at weddings on social networking sites….it’s a niche fetish but a fetish nevertheless.

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Possible Cameltoe of the Day

I love high waisted pants on any bitch they are on, because they always burrow up into a bitches vagina and settle in….even when they are on some bitch from the Sopranos 10 years ago….who is likely an actual mom…and who’s cameltoe may just be shadow or some kind of optical illusion cuz I can’t seem to see any clit….making these pics a disappointment, but when you’re me, everything is a disappointment…

Here are some tit to make up for the cameltoe scandal that may not have been a cameltoe…

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler in the Shower in Beneath the Dark of the Day

Jamie-Lynn Sigler had a shower scene in a Movie called Beneath the Dark….It was probably one of the worst shower scenes ever…one you’d expect to see in a high school play or some shit…but I know you idiots are easy to please so I figured I’d put it up anyway, maybe get this classic film that went under the radar a second life, maybe another run at getting that Oscar it deserves….

Angela Featherstone’s Titties were also in the shit….Good Times…But Her ass and back is fucking sloppy and doing some weird crinkled up shit…Maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of her…

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Ruins Halloween of the Day

I will say that I never jerked off to Meadow on the Sopranos and that’s not going to change this Halloween. I am far more interested in staring at all the sluts on my Facebook and their Halloween albums, cuz shit like this, especially when on useless whores….is just boring…I think I realize that the whole point of Halloween is to divert our attention from the girls we lust for in movies and porn, and instead focus on real chicks in our real life’s bodies we never really noticed they had until they decided to walk around half naked and put pics of themselves on the interent….As far as I’m concerned, in this disconnected yet overly connected world…jerking off to someone you know even if it is just on facebook is a nice throwback to the way it used to be…there’s something wholesome in getting off to a real person…and sometimes it just takes a shitty costume on a d-list celeb to realize pussy you kinda know is really what’s actually important in life….

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Jamie Lynn Sigler’s Flashes Her Vagina of the Day

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Here’s some Meadow Soprano showing off her own little well maintained meadow and by well maintained meadow I mean her Jewish pussy at some fashion show. I don’t really know if these pictures are old or not, but I do know that they are comin’ in a few years too late because I don’t really have any interest in getting off to her now that she’s all reformed, not that I ever really wanted to get off to her, but there was a time when I would have been a lot more excited to see her cooch. That time was when I thought she was some Italian girl with low self esteem and an eating disorder in her late teens, and not some whiney Jewish girl with low self esteem and an eating disorder that she turned out to be and now she’s done gone grown up, has become some expert on eating disorders just because she had one and talks to girls in schools about that shit and writes books about that shit even though every rich Jewish teenager has eating disorders but at least she’s out flashin’ that cunt.

Speaking of Jewish Vagina, I used to know a guy who would only date Jewish girls. He thought they were the hottest fucking thing ever and he’d always tell us stories of how he would ravage them in the bedroom and treat them like pure shit behind closed doors and how they liked it. He would say all kinds of anti semetic things and they’d just swoon over him like he was some kind of god, probably because they knew their parents wouldn’t approve. He’d always get them hooked on him, but never considered them human enough to fall in love with and would drop them like last week’s kitchen garbage when he was done with them, seriously fucking them up and ruining all future relationships for them and that’s why we used to call him Hitler…..

Hilter or not, her junk is not some kind of mangled fleshy mess that looks like a human science experiement that went down in Nazi Germany, like so many vagina look like and that I still don’t descriminate against, like the other day when this Jamaican dude pulled out his cellphone and showed me a picture of the weirdest pussy I had ever seen, shit’s clit was bigger than my dick and looked like it was giving me the thumbs up and I had to keep my cool and pretend it was all good, because they were pictures of his wife and I figure throwing up at a picture of a man’s wife’s vagina is a good way to get beat down, so it’s nice to see she’s got a hot little coinslot, because it’s pretty rare, I have written enough, just look at the pics.

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