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Jennifer Connelly Yellow Bikini of the Day

Jennifer Connelly is in a Yellow bikini and despite being in her late 40s, she’s still not fat, still has tits, and although her not being fat requires working out, and her tits aren’t as substantial as they once were, it’s the aging process, she looks better than most aging women I see at the park doing yoga or fitness, even the hard bodied ones, because I guess those ones aren’t rich hollywood trash who have never actually worked, besides some movies they were overpaid doing, allowing the life of lazy and life of luxury, where the one thing they have to do is not get too old in case they need to act again to get paid again to pay for bullshit mansions again…

Not to mention, she’s probably married and has kids with some rich dudes, furthering the retired at 25 life she’s lived the last 20 years…because it’s good or lucrative to be a woman who has mainstream stamp of approval..it makes you hotter, more desirable, and makes men pay more for you…so that you can vacation everyday..you know.

But then again, maybe she’s the earner on the pile of money and her man is her K-Fed..it happens, just not to me…who cares..bikini

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