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Katharine McPhee in a Bikini of the Day

Katharine McPhee, or a chubby version of Katharine McPhee, made her way out in a bikini to either continue riding the leaked nudes scandal of last week, because she likes the attention and all it took was a little pussy pictures, that she basically admitted were her pussy when she had her lawyers come at all our sites that posted the nudes…something she would have been better off just letting live on the internet, and simmer on the internet, because if you didn’t see the images, they were of her pussy reduction surgery, we’re talking labia with open sores, panties with blood stains, I guess documenting the healing process of the extra lip chop…and it was fucking disturbing…not to mention, even with the scabbed up cunt, she did look better than she does in these pics, so she clearly needs a new strategist working on her team helping her out with her tactics…I would apply, but I prefer pussy that hasn’t been sawed off violently….even if it is done with laser….you can make a pussy less meaty through surgery…but that doesn’t change the meaty pussy DNA.or the “phantom” labia the kind of girl willing to get vagina surgery deals with …it’s on a pyschological level…you know crying in her bed holding her knees looking at her cunt in a mirror saying “I feel it flapping, I feel it flapping”…even if there’s nothing left to flap, just leather, scarred up beef jerky…you know..


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