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Lindsay Lohan and her Crazy Accent Defending Weinstein while Wasted of the day

The highlight of my day, and I just woke up, but I already know that this is the highlight of my day, because Lindsay Lohan, despite being forgotten is everything, a goddess, a religious experience, perfect…I mean for all the wrong reasons, but I like it…it feels like home…

So she’s living in Dubai, where I guess really rich people offer her the really rich life, without her needing to work, all she has to do is let them either shit on her or hang out with her, because it’s fun to have a child star like Lohan in your harem, it impresses the other rich oil people..

She’s developed some wonky Arab accent, because she’s not from Long Island and she didn’t spend the better part of her life, we’re talking the first 25 years of her life in America…she’s an identity crisis and not quite a good actress in whatever it is she’s saying..

But she put out a suck up video to Weinstein, because she knows i’s good to get on his good side, maybe he’ll hire him…

BUT ALSO…that hollywood is bullshit assholes trying to save face and they are all guilty of being sleazy greedy heartless disgusting fucks who stomp all over each other…

It’s so easy for the media to get mad, or run with a story, that no one should care about…like reall…he’s the exec for a company that makes movies you like why the fuck do you care about where his dick goes…or what it does….without his dick going those places most of your favorite shitty stars wouldn’t exist…

Lohan also asks his wife to stand by him, because it’s Lohan’s place, as if the wife didn’t know what he was up to…I mean this is beyond me – the media spin…clearly designed to distract us from something that actually matters in the world…like maybe World War Three..and other more interesting things..

Hollywood is noise, stop paying attention..

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  • MustacheSunglasses

    Lindsay Lohan WISHES she sucked Weinstein’s cock.

  • Load of Truth

    Wow. 30 women come forward and Lindsay is like he never whipped out his dick for me so it must be lies.