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Alexis Ren Crop Top Tits of the Day

Alexis Ren Slutty

Alexis Ren is almost an interesting social experiment, but she’s not that interesting…she’s actually pretty boring in her quest for fame, basic even, obvious, typical, maintream, suburban…nothing stimulating or exciting at all…but interesting because she had a huge amount of followers being a hot chick on the beach, but that wasn’t enough for her, she didn’t want to keep playing the cute girl on instagram, she wanted to be the sexual deviant porn chick who doesn’t do porn on instagram and she got some big fake tits and a hard looking face and she’s not even 25 yet…

So instead of just riding the beach girl, polarizing it as high end and luxury, where she would keep traveling the world…she became what looks like a typical sugar baby…

I don’t really think that was the right approach, because bolt on tits aren’t hot….and these whorish whoring is what all the girls are doing, but this one had the followers those other ones are trying to get, why the fuck didn’t she spin it to make 10 million a year…instead she’s probably still making money, but not 10 million a year, but instead she went for the quick likes cuz dudes like tits…it’s weird…

She’s on Vacation in a bikini…..

Pics With Less Clothing:

Here she is in another Crop Top street walking…

Alexis Ren Slutty

More Crop Top Pics:

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  • mrsatyre

    Such a tragedy she got implants. Now she’s just another plastic wannabe.

  • Mihaela Radu

    She wasnt great looking before either