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Tana Mongeau Kissing Bella Thorne for Youtube Views of the Day

Bella Thorne Tana Mongeau Kiss

I don’t know who Tana Mongeau but Bella Thorne has been posting her on social media alot, which I guess in Tana Mongeau’s defense is a good strategy to get noticed…but sometimes just getting tagged in the stories aren’t enough, sometimes you have to lay on the extra whoring and make an erotic girl on girl subtle make-out, like two low level college girls at a frat party trying to be validated, because men are still fucking moron perverts who see some girls making out and freak out, because no matter how much society wants to rip our dicks off and make us not want to fuck, ask girls to fuck, jerk off and hope they join in, and all the other sex scandals that are almost normal human sexuality, especially when girls come out with content like this, like you have to realize that you’re going to get sexualized when you whore out, and just because you don’t want to be sexualized or look like a slut, you can’t say it’s FEMINIST AS FUCK and don’t sexualize me…you trying to give me boners here…I GET IT….but I don’t get boners..

So good on Tana Mongeau for tricking some dumb girl looking for her purpose and soul through IG photos followers after a stint at Disney, to put her name on the map…leverage those connections yo…

I prefer better lesbian porn with vagina smearing on each other.


Here’s a bonus of her in her bikini top..

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