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Eugenie Bouchard Bikini of the Day

Eugenie Bouchard Bikini

Eugenie Bouchard posted a bikini selfie of her bathing suit jacked up inside her vagina for the sake for social media – something that her entire family has been navigating and figuring out with their own brand of slutty content – because if you’ve got a relative with a name making moves in the world of sport or really any world – and you can maximize being associated with her to end up with your own personal brand – you do it – the social media following is the only thing that matters when you’re a vapid cunt…

That said, a little tight bikini jacked up in her pussy for the instagram is a nice change of pace, celebrating her very fit body, because she’s a pro athlete in the tennis world, a sport that when you see past the women being 6 foot tall and solid muscle..can be kind of erotic with the sweaty panty flashes and erotic grunts…especially when it takes on the instagram selfie form.

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