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Eugenie Bouchard Not Hot in a Swimsuit of the Day

Eugenie Bouchard Boxy in a Red Bikini

Eugenie Bouchard is a pro tennis player – and I have a female tennis fetish – so to me – her not hot in a bikini or bathing suit – or whatever the fuck that is – is erotic – knowing that she can hit a ball with grace and strategy, in a skirt, while grunting….

But I have eyes, and with those eyes, I can see that Eugenie Bouchard is no Anna Kournikova, you know tennis clickbait sold off to Enrique Iglesias.

I can see that Eugenie Bouchard is weirdly shaped and large, I mean you have to be to go against the Williams sister….and I know that she’s a local hero, since she’s a rich kid from Montreal, where she got her start…but most importantly, she’s got a slutty party twin sister who is the hotter of the two to bring her up, as she probably makes 50% of Eugenie Bouchard’s earnings in some weird twin, in it together deal…but then again, they were rich to start, so who fucking knows…

I just know, this bathing suit’s not doing anyone any favors.

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Eugenie Bouchard Bikini of the Day

Eugenie Bouchard Bikini

Eugenie Bouchard posted a bikini selfie of her bathing suit jacked up inside her vagina for the sake for social media – something that her entire family has been navigating and figuring out with their own brand of slutty content – because if you’ve got a relative with a name making moves in the world of sport or really any world – and you can maximize being associated with her to end up with your own personal brand – you do it – the social media following is the only thing that matters when you’re a vapid cunt…

That said, a little tight bikini jacked up in her pussy for the instagram is a nice change of pace, celebrating her very fit body, because she’s a pro athlete in the tennis world, a sport that when you see past the women being 6 foot tall and solid muscle..can be kind of erotic with the sweaty panty flashes and erotic grunts…especially when it takes on the instagram selfie form.

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Eugenie Bouchard’s Feet and Crotch in Bikini of the Da y

Hometown Hottie Eugenie Bouchard -who I’ve never met in the streets of Montreal because Eugenie Bouchard probably doesn’t live in Montreal but Montreal likes to think she is from Montreal because she’s the only successful thing to come out of montreal besides Celine Dion who I assume is her mother, or aunt, based on her french Canadian face…

That said, she’s taken her tennis body, a body that’s not necessarily the hottest, because tennis chicks are all tall weirdos, but that is still fit and athletic, and hot enough to stare at, but my fetish really comes with watching women’s tennis, something I’ve always written about because I love the grunts, panty flashes and gracefullness…seeing girl’s feet aren’t really exciting to me – but foot fetish people are the fucking crazy about feet…

Maybe you’re more into Eugenie Bouchard’s Tight Ass in a One Piece of the Day….

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Eugenie Bouchard in a Bathing Suit of the Day

I feel a close connection to Eugenie Bouchard because she is from Canada and people I know or that I know of – since Canada is one small town…actually know her, it’s one of those she lives less than 2 KM (that’s Canadian for MILES) away from me and her twin sister who is a party girl, who is still around the city partying, not that I do any of that…but it’s so local…so amazing…they are basically local royalty that everyone pays attention to…hot enough, rich, famous tennis sluts….and what makes it all worse is that for as long as I can remember I have had a Tennis slut fetish…and to think one was in arms reach, not to kidnap but to at least apply to be her personal waxer, or gardener, or just the guy in the tree outside her bedroom window and to have not done it…is a reminder of how I am not a get things done, self starter and opportunity will forever pass me by…

At least I can stare at her bikini pics, but she’s not that great to look at, even though, that bikini shows asshole. I’m more into the Tennis slut, it’s a fetish I’ve had for a while, the grunting, the panty flashes the glamour and the money…the tennis player in bikini…not so hype…

Now I don’t love Eugenie Bouchard’s body in her bikini, it’s not driving me crazy, it is a bit too fitness – but it is still luxurious enough for me to feel like I’ve failed myself and that’s how I like going into the weekend…staring at young rich tennis assholes…you know….the only way to go into the weekend…


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Eugenie Bouchard VS Caroline Wozniacki’s Tennis Ass in Bikinis of the Day


When it comes to Tennis, I feel like I’m probably like Serena Williams’ dad, you know all drawn into it because it’s so fucking white, pretentious, high class, and luxurious – and the likes of my people aren’t really welcomed to their secret white person clubs, where they get together and have white person meetings – where they discuss things like electing Trump because whites being replaced is the fall of America…or some shit…

I also like that the the girls are overly butchy, they are fit, they wear little skirts, flash their panties, and yelp and moan like they are taking huge cock with every swing…and hit…it’s magical…

A few sluts in the Tennis scene were in bikinis…

First up Eugenie Bouchard – from my hometown – making her a hometown hottie – even though I prefer her twin sister – the party slut…..


Second up Caroline Wozniacki – Good times….

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Eugenie Bouchard Asked to Twirl of the Day

Eugenie Bouchard is a Canadian Tennis Player, who has a hot little tennis body, like most tennis players do, as long as they aren’t a Williams sister, because, the Williams sisters are dudes who got converted at a young age to increase the chances of winning and making the family rich. I’ve seen “Ladybugs” I know how these things work…and they all end with Jonathan Brandis committing suicide…

That said, she’s not just a Canadian, she’s from Montreal and I’m from Montreal, only unlike me, she’s actually an international success, and I guess not a monster, but she does post pictures of her playing tennis by my shitty house on instagram, and I am always tempted to get off my couch to watch, since tennis is porn to me, tennis girls are porn to me, and I figure why not go experience porn first hand….but then I remember I don’t leave my house..

Anyway, she’s hit the media hard, because during the Australian Open win, the announcer asked her to twirl, like she was a beauty pageant girl and not a tennis pro, and the feminists fucking hate it…I guess they don’t realize girl tennis is all about short skirts, and orgasmic grunts…and panty flashes…

Either way, she’s pretty cute, I wish her twirl ended with crawling around on all fours…

Sidenote…she has a twin sister.

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