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Gigi Hadid See Through Shirt of the Day

Gigi Hadid See Through Shirt

Gigi Hadid is on some self promotion to likely distract the world from what her and her sister used to look like, and really GIGI didn’t look that much different, you know not like her sister Bella, who is basically a totally different person, but she’s still got her face jacked the fuck up, and she’s still using her see through top to distract you from that, and she’s still just a manufactured celebrity created by her family, or her rich dad, like it was her birthday he missed so that he went over the top with it, because if you think about it, when you’re worth 1000s of millions of dollars, paying magazines 100k to get her on the cover, and to make your little baby happy isn’t that big of a deal, it’s actually cheaper than rehab, and will pay back ten fold if the industry believes the lie…because it is a fucking lie…

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