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Elizabeth Hurley in a Bikini of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley  in a Bikini

Elizabeth Hurley is 100 years old and in a bikini – because thanksgiving is a time to show off that you’ve never eaten more than 1000 calories in a day – as it will fuck with your sugar babying tactics… because when you reach a certain age, there is always going to be a dude 25 years older than you who thinks you’re hot, likes your dick sucking experience, enjoys being able to fist a girl with more ease than if she was 20 years old, while not looking like a total pervert misusing his wealth…by choosing a more refined woman than a young hot one…but rather take the old hot one who’s not that old, but has a level of fame and brand name to make her of more value than the other hotness out there scamming…

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