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Rita Ora Naked of the Day

Rita Ora Naked

Rita Ora is a known whore, her name even rhymes with whore, if you were to be a little musical in your pronunciation…

She’s touring the world, winning at life, which is better than working the street corner, not that whores work the street corner anymore, they work social media and instagram and snap chat and sex work through there.

This one worked her whoring through a record deal and all that other good mainstream coverage….press, magazines, TV, she’s done it…campaigns, etc…she’s done it…and that’s how you increase your hooker day rate.

I don’t know why these nude pics of her are circulating…but they are…and here she is…naked…like all the other girls everywhere naked..

If you’re not into that, maybe you like chubby tits working out..in video..all this self produced erotica….so hard to keep track of.

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