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Katy Perry Doing the Worm in a Skirt of the Day

If you needed a reason to not want to fuck Katy Perry…and I am sure some of you do, because she is seen as being hot in some circles, circles I don’t understand or ever want to be a part of, but circles none the less…in what I guess is some kind of sex cult level master mind manipulation tactics from her team – the Illuminati…and suckers get sucked into the LIE….

This is what she looks like when she’s riding the cock…just an bulky, awkward disaster of a woman, smashing pelvis into floors…

She’s doing the demo in a little plaid skirt, and even that isn’t hot…because Katy Perry isn’t hot..

That’s about all I need to say about that….I’ve said too much…

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  • JayWye

    I wonder how much booze it took to get her to that point?
    I wonder what she’s like after a few tokes?

  • Lacey W

    How the mighty have fallen.