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Taylor Hill’s Racy Skimpy Bikini of the Day

Taylor Hill on the beach with her tits in a purple bikini

Taylor Hill is some All-American looking Victoria’s Secret model, who like all the other Victoria’s Secret models, is tall and skinny the way a woman who gets paid to showcase her body should be…I mean she’s getting paid to be hot, that’s the single thing she’s being paid to do, to be a fat lazy pig about it, would be the equivalent of being some middle of the road call center girl, who hates the idea of working…but loves her cats, ice cream and the idea of a romantic getaway one day….

What I am saying is that unrealistic expectations aren’t that unrealistic, when you can clearly see it exists, and if girl wants that million a year to just be herself in images, she sure as hell better have a million dollar body…that she works on…

These fat girls move in, like fat girls trying to get a piece of every fucking pie, hence why they are fat…and they try to overthrow what we are into…because they aren’t part of it…cuz they are too lazy to eat well and exercise….

So seeing Taylor Hill in her bikini is great, especially since it’s a skimpy, tight fitting, one size too small even bikini jacked up in her twat that showcases her pussy

I dig it…but wish I was digging it out with my teeth..


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